Ave e.V. – Pilgerverein (Pilgrim’s association)

About us …

We are a Christian association founded with the aim of promoting pilgrimages and support those, who wish to travel to the main sanctuaries in the world.

Between tradition and innovation the association Ave has been for many years the reference point for many pilgrims.

Every Year we lead hundreds of pilgrims aware of and sympathetic to the roots of the history of Christianity through the Holy Spirit`s paths, whilst providing adequate technical and organizational assistance.

The association Ave offers the organization and promotion of pilgrimages and religious tourism routes.

It is also a valuable support for the priests and pastoral leaders of the Christian communities, who wish to promote pilgrimages to special groups.

Pilgrimages open new paths to the inner world of prayer, dialogue with others, solidarity as well as love and peace among the people of the world.

Not only are we committed to accompany pilgrims along our routes, but also do we support numerous charitable projects in the world and especially in the Holy Land.

Ave’s organizational model continues to grow and evolve day after day keeping a balance between tradition and innovation

Our work is always focused on accompanying the pilgrims to the places of religious and cultural interest, which reflects a modern sensibility and takes the changing interests and need of the pilgrims into account.

All of Ave`s routes require the presence of a technical and spiritual director. In the Holy Land there is always a biblical guide (priest or laity) authorized by the Commission of Pilgrimages in the Holy Land.

With a team specialized on your needs, the association Ave can now offer customers a high quality product, which provides the presence of accompanists and guides with proven ability and professionalism, accommodations in first-class facilities and an excellent technical and cultural organization, guaranteed by an ongoing commitment to quality assurance.

The tour operator specialised for your pilgrimage!